Connecting 3 monitors to X51


New Member
Sep 26, 2021
I have an X51 with an Nvidia GTX555 card and on-board Intel HD Graphics 4000. The mini-HDMI port is connected to a TV and working fine. Two dissimilar monitors are connected to the two DVI ports. Either monitor works fine when connected to either of the DVI ports, but if both are connected, one of the monitors goes black. The PC still recognizes all three monitors, but says that one of them (plugged into a DVI port) "isn't active".

The specs on the GTX555 say it will handle three monitors - but in practice is only displaying on two (one plugged into the HDMI port plus one hooked into either of the DVI ports). No matter how many are plugged into the three available ports, the PC always indicates that one more "wired display" (the HD 4000) is available.

So... What do I need to do to allow the GTX card to actually display on three different monitors at the same time?
and/or... How do I physically gain access to the HD 4000?