Connections between alienware x51 cpu & monitor

Hi, I was thinking of buying the latest gaming desktop Alienware X51 cpu, but it comes without the monitor. I have my own current Samsung LCD monitor with the VGA connector only. But the connection ports on the Alienware X51 cpu are DVI & HDMI connection ports. So I wonder, can I connect the Alienware X51 cpu to my current Samsung VGA monitor?? Do I need to use any converters to connect? Examples: VGA to DVI converter, VGA to HDMI converter.

p/s: Will need lots of opinions before buying the Alienware X51.


Jan 28, 2014
Waste of money... VGA has been replaced for a reason. The quality of the signal is mediocre at best (its a analogue connection after all).

A good DVI LCD in the 25" cost nothing now a day (i bought a previous generation, meaning last year model, samsung 27" LCD for $150 open box. 1080P resolution, DVI plugs). If i spent another $100 i would have gotten a UltraHD monitor.

Your 2048x1536 via VGA will look like crap next to a 1280x1024 via DVI.

Buy a new screen, locally, open box or barely used. No need to waste money on Dell screens which are vastly overpriced!