Constantly dropping network

For some reason my laptop is constantly dropping connection randomly. I have the Killer Wireless 1103 card. All the drivers are up to date. My other laptop will run next to me and never drop connection and same with my roommates computer. My Alienware laptop is a different story though. I do not know what else to do to try and fix it. Any suggestion to help me fix it would be appreciated.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Not really sure I'm sorry. Maybe there is a loose wire connection there somewhere. You could have a look inside and check. It's probably a faulty card but you never know.

If you're still under warranty I would get Dell to sort it out. If not, I don't think the cards are too expensive to replace


Dec 26, 2012
Have you set the Max upload and download in the network setting of the killer network manager. You can either run a speed test or enter speeds manually. Hope this helps if not it is most likely a faulty card as when I'm on my system it takes internet priority sometimes my wife and son have problems with speed of internet on their laptops or tablets as my R4 takes priority