Constantly freezing, please help!!


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Sep 9, 2016
Hi guys,

I'm totally new to this forum but am at a loss with what to do!

I have had my Alienware X51 for a couple of years now. I have never had any issues at all - it has been perfect. However in the past week it has starting playing up.

I have run multiple monitors on this thing since i've had it. Right now I have a 27" monitor that is connected via hdmi - hdmi. I also have another monitor, which is connected via HDMI - DVI.

In the past week ,at least once a day the PC Will entirely freeze up. There is nothing I can do, and it doesn't respond to any keyboard commands or the mouse doesn't move. After about 20 seconds both monitors will go black and state no input detected, after about 5 minutes the PC seems to turn itself off entirely. When I try to turn the PC back on, it will only work with the HDMI - DVI connected monitor, not the HDMI which is the graphics card I assume?

Upon restarting I can then plug in the HDMI and the second monitor is found, then it seems to be ok.

I have reinstalled my graphics card drivers, to no avail.

I really cannot afford another system, and want this to be fixed!! Please help.

Thanks, Polly :)