I recently got one of these in a trade containing a i3 2120 and gt 545 video card. I am going to be using this as a HTPC and have a few things in mind I need answered. First of all temps are crazy high whats the best cooling option for these while staying fairly quiet? Also whats the best video card I can pick up that will run off the 240w psu
its the small form factor desktop,

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Seriously, no ones had any issues with temps on this and did anything? I also noticed for a i3 2120 the voltage seems to be locked to 1.37 for the vcore that seems rather high.
There are a couple of people that have done something with the cooling on the X51. Seeing as I don't own one I can't be of much help to you. Maybe if you make the subject more meaningful it may catch their attention. I'm pretty sure there may be an existing topic on this subject somewhere in the forum as well.

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Apr 12, 2012
Your going to be doing a lot of modding to be able to cool the x51 anymore. I've changed out everything on mine for the most part. The voltage is locked bc you don't have an unlocked cpu or bios. You want to underclock or oc then you'll have to swap mobo, cpu, then get a big psu. After that you'll want to get a way better gpu bc you'll want to use the graphics to the full potential you'll have available.

It gets expensive and time consuming, that's why I ended up tearing mine apart and redoing it after I built a custom pc.

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oh I know this isn't my only rig, but I wasn't considering OCing I just don't understand why the vcore is set so high anyways, I seen a post on here and the guy said he got a 7770 on the 240w psu that's the route im gonna go. As for cooling it looks like its time to start seeing whats gonna be modded first. Thinking cutting out a hole about the cpu and rerouting where it vents to there possibly allowing a big cooler, just want to make it look clean being my HTPC