Corrupted files after Windows 7 clean install on new SSD

I finally figured out why my Windows 7 clean install wasn't booting due to corrupted files - it was the SSD. I used my old HDD and my M14x R2 is now up and running.

I don't think my brand new SSD is defective, I've searched the net and it seems this is a known issue regardless of the SSD brand/model.

Would this be a chipset/driver issue? Only way to make sure is to use another SSD for the install, but I don't have a spare.

Has anyone experienced this before?


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I have never tried on an M14x but I have done clean SSD installs on an M11x R3, M17x R3 and Aurora R4 ALX without any problems at all. I have been thinking of upgrading my GF's M14x R2 to SSD so I'm interested what you find out. What SSD were you using?