Curiously Lost Login Time New Alienware lol


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Sep 20, 2016
Ok I have owned my new alienware 18 for awhile 2/15. It came basic so I could buy a upgrade here and there, then install. I am great with hardware but software I am a noob lol. I lift the screen, hit the power button and it starts to load fast. once I start to log in my HDD light stays on and it freezes for a minute or 3. Then bam its loaded and running, There was a Toshiba 1TB HDD for the first year then I rebooted and installed a new Samsung 2TB HDD. ran like new for 4 months and is now doing the same thing over again. I have ran my avg anti-virus as well as all my maintenance tools. nothing seems to help and no errors are found. is there a GOOD HDD that I don't know of ? I also have a Samsung 500GB backup HDD with a LITEON 80gb SSD. Can you run a OS on SSD? Only upgraded ram and 1 HDD as stated.. its very glitchy and unresponsive until it like "kicks in?"
Thank you for any information or 2 cents! more or less curious and finding it annoying lol

Alienware 18, Turned on Feb/2015
Win 8.1
32gb G. Skill ram
Dual GTX 860M 2GB
Samsung 2TB HDD - 1.2TB Free
Samsung 500GB HDD - 145GB Free
LITEON 80GB SSD - Not Used
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