Custom Alienware Aurora 7500 R-4 Case

Well I just got my hands on a used, but great condition Alienware Aurora 7500 R-4 black case yesterday afternoon. A guy on Craigslist sold it to me for $60! And he included the watercooler, Athlon64x2 3.0 Windsor Dual-Core, 950Watt PSU and the Motherboard(only thing that was bad), everything else works! I am so excited. I'm going to mod it and custom paint it all murdered out black! I'm removing all the light completely, maybe just leave the power button lights, but mod my own. I am VERY excited!





Thanks to everyone. This community is awesome! And yes, it was a sweet deal! I just took the side panel apart completely. I have to get everything ready for a birthday party this weekend, but I'll try to post up some more photos. After measurements, cuts and filing down, then comes the primer :)
P.S. I'm still undecided on color themes, so suggestions would be killer ;)
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Here are some pictures I took of the disassembly so far. Unfortunately I don't have a jigsaw until next week so the cutting will be then, but I'll post up some pictures after the cutting process. Enjoy : )

I removed the HDD cage in the front to make room for 2 x 140mm case fans, in case I decided to do a custom water cooling system(undecided).


2 x 140mm Silenx Case Fans (my test/measuring fans). I still need to cut out the 2 holes in the front.



Tried to use the heat gun to loosen up the glue to remove all, but a square for the power supply, but it didn't work lol I guess the glue was just that old. Either way, I used a filing tool to remove it pretty quickly (don't worry about the scratches, it's getting a paint job).




Used an old motherboard I had to get cutting measurements for my PSU cables, once they're routed.



I took apart the first side panel. PLEASE READ NOTE BELOW!!
***NOTE*** There was a hidden screw (behind the black cover) right underneath the R (next the the Alienware logo). I had to feel for it, but it wasn't that hard to find. DON'T just pull on it thinking it's a plastic piece holding it!





And last, but not least, I marked where I will cut out the side panel. I am removing most of it and replacing it with honey comb mesh grill from with an attached LED (still thinking about it) right behind the grill so you can't see it.


Hope you guys/girls enjoyed and more to come!
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