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May 10, 2014
Hi there This is Mert..I'm going to buy the Alienware 18 and i'm doing my customızations now..As you know prices for these machines are very high and i think this is my first and last time to have an Alienware , i want to be absoultely carefull about my decisions and upgrades..i hope you guys can help me with some of them..

1)I choosed i7 4930mx for the cpu..but there is a 4940 option and as far as i searched from web , there is no significant difference except 100 mhz clock speed (Is there a reason that why 4940 version is double priced of 4930 if there is 100 mhz clock speed)..i'm thinking of going with 4930mx version..what would you recommend?

2)For the Hard Drive , first i go for 768 ssd + 256 gb storage but then i did some research , some say that , it's not worth to buy..will it be better to have 1tb 5400 rpm+256 gb ssd boot and customize it after or go for the quad play? ..actually i don't have enough knowloadge about SSD , raid connections and mSATA so your help and thoughts will be appreciated..

Thats all right now..I will probably purchase the machine tomorrow..Before that your recommends will be so important for me..Thanks in advance to all..Have a nice day

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Feb 2, 2012
What's the # of cores and cache on the 4940? It's been a while since I checked out the latest CPUs. I always say get the best screen, CPU and GPU you can afford as they are the most difficult to upgrade later. Memory and hardrives/SSDs are easy and can be done later usually for cheaper.
The 4930 will be over kill for any GPU offered by Dell at this time for gaming..I would do memory and SSD upgrades after and save some bucks. The most important purchase will be your Screen Res, your GPU's then you cpu for money spent. Good luck and welcome to the club..