Customization - Having issues changing my start menu button

New user here just wanted to say hi and thanks in advance for any help!

First time AW owner - just got my 17 this weekend and have been playing around with all the features.

I simply want to change the windows 7 start menu button to an alienware logo. This has deemed to be not as easy as I thought.

I am using windows 7 start button changer which works great but the problem is i cannot find an alienware "orb" that is 32 bit and saved as a bmp file.

I spent quite some time searching for "alienware 32 bit bmp orb" and everything that returns is in the wrong image type or only 24 bit.

I do not have photoshop so I cannot change the bits of an image with paint and I don't want to download any kind of photo editing software.

Paint does allow me to take a jpeg or whetever and save it to BMP image but it saves in 24 bit. The windows 7 button changer requires 32 bit bmp files.

Can anyone help me out here? Is this something simple im overlooking?

Thanks in advance!