Cyborg F.R.E.Q 5 Headset

So I've had my eyes on this headset for WAY too long and it's still in the pre order stages. Has anyone on AWO got their hands on a pair? I've read the reviews and watched the video, but I wanna know from a consumer if they are worth the almost 200$.

I have a Cyborg R.A.T 7 so obviously the matching set idea is appealing, and the all metal construction is also tempting. Love that the area for the mic is discrete, essentially just a hole. Unlike, for example the Turtle Beach XP500's which say they are an all purpose headset, but when you remove the mic. you have a dorky looking stick hanging off the left ear which is awkward. So if I should want to use them for street purpose I'd feel alright with it.
And they are made by Madcatz, can't go wrong with that. They've been thought out by actual gamers, and I think they are almost a step above Razer in that sense.

GD on the Cyborg F.R.E.Q 5 headset, tell me what you've heard, if you have a pair, etc.
Can't say I'll be playing any such flight simulators. And I agree, if I was going to be I'd get an actual aviation headset. I disagree that the FREQ's are for authentic flight, I think they're for pro gamers who actually play in MLG type game play where unbalancing equipment isn't permitted and quality is paramount.
Well the first thing I will say is Wow. This is one hell of a headset. I'll start with packaging.

For anyone who has a R.A.T Mouse you'll know that the presentation is very good. The box has angled edges, very high quality imagery and high quality cardboard. Through a large plastic window is the headset in the forward position exposing what would be the back of the ear cups. Turning the box over you see a narrow window where the detachable mic. is displayed. Removing the headset is simple enough, 2 tabs hold the lid closed. Lifting it out the ear cups are form fit in a plastic holder.

NOW the first time you hold the headset you will tell yourself "Wow.. this is one solid piece of equipment". The headband is all rubber with the FREQ 5 name embossed in shiny letters across the top. The padded part of the headband is actually covered with a rubber, I have no idea what the padding on the inside is but it is extremely springy. Leaving the headset on my monitor for the night, and coming back to it the next morning leaves absolutely no impression on it. The rubber is very sturdy feeling and isn't the kind that would pull on hair, however it is very secure and the headset won't move if you were to reach down to get something. Lastly on the fit, the headband has very little give when the headset is in default size adjustment but has a significant amount more give the more you let out. I personally have a big head and I am using them at default to give you an idea of size.
The ear cups themselves are from what I can tell actual leather, they look, feel, and behave like actual leather. As advertised these are oversized ear cups, while wearing your ears are virtually untouched on any side. I've had this problem with other headphones where my ears wouldn't be squished... but put under pressure in some way that ended up with ear pain afterwards. Needless to say, wearing the FREQ 5 for hours has been a pleasure :)

Mic and sound quality are probably the best I've ever experience when it comes to Stereo sound. While playing Tribes with my other headset the Steelseries Siberian V2, I was able to hear where the shots were coming from.. but with the FREQ 5, I know exactly where he is shooting from and in most cases how far back he is, the sound is that good. On the left earcup there are 2 buttons, 1 is for the built in EQ settings the other is mute, while on the right is a volume control wheel. When you press the mute button, an LED in the mic lights up to let you know that it is off. The EQ's are surprisingly useful. I find myself using them very often, because I'm in chat a lot, I switch from Music mode to where the game sounds are most prevalent, to Chat and Game modes. Chat lowers game sounds considerably and lets chat through, not to mention Mumble can lower other sounds to accommodate only when someone is talking. Game mode is kind of a mix of both of these however I prefer one or the other.
As my team-mates have said, the mic sound is incredibly crisp without any other background noises. This being said I had a fan and my AC on right behind me and they didn't hear it at all. The headset by default plays back what you're saying through the headphones back to you, so you can kind of hear yourself talking. I personally like it and though I haven't figured out how to turn it off I probably won't.

Software! is actually very simple. You plug it in, and it works. For those like my where this didn't actually happen, you first check by opening the sound menu. If the headset appears with and entirely new volume bar beside your speaker volume then they're working and you can click on the headphone icon at the top for all the settings it offers. If not, you open the Windows bar, type in Sound and click on the icon that shows up. The FREQ 5 will show up by name and you simply set it to default sound provider. From there you can actually set individual programs to run off the headset of speakers. Example: Game+Chat in headphones, movie in the background playing through speakers. When using the volume control on the headset you turn down the volume on the computer, as in the volume bar will go down so there isn't any confusing with mixed up volumes.

Hmm what else.... Cables. Off the back of the left ear cup is a short, extra thick nylon braided cord which ends in a mini USB port. Into that port you can plug in the 2m long USB cord made of equally think nylon braided cable, or the 1m long slightly thinner braided cable ending in a 3.5mm headphone jack. While on the 3.5mm you can still use the mic with a smartphone, if not you simply remove the mic and put in a discrete plug that comes with it. So as to not look like an idiot with a mic hanging off your head. Other headphones say "For gaming and casual use!" well by far these are the best I've seen with that title. I will proudly use my FREQ 5 for music on the go.

NOTE: Sorry about the pictures, a couple are just ok.. I'm not a photographer..
If I missed anything please ask me questions I'll try to help :)


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