DDR3L or DDR3?

I have identical three 4 GB sticks for my M14x R3, except one says DDR3L and it works and the others don't. The speeds are the same and manufactors are the same.

The reason for only having on of the DDR3L is cause the guy I bought it from must have wanted it for himself and took it before the sale. Gotta love Craig's List... Darn you Craig! Darn you to hell!

Any help would be great.

PS is it worth the max RAM?
M14X R3 apparently comes with DDR3L. The guy i bought it from kept one stick without telling me. In my M11X R1 i have identical RAM except it isn't DDR3L it is DDR3. It works in my M11X R1 but i get 4 beep no post in M14X R3.

Hope it clerifies this.

Even crucial.com says DDR3



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May 26, 2014
recently i had a similar issue. I wanted to upgrade from 8GB(2x4) to 16GB(2x8). So i did some research:
As MattyB correctly stated, all the new machines are equipped with DDR3L modules, but that's not simply
a whim of somebody at AW.

Long story short - It's because of Intel's new 4-th Gen. Haswell CPU's:
According specs: click
Supported Memory Types are DDR3L-1333,1600 where on the older generations stood DDR3/L
for DDR3/DDR3L.

Technical description and a bunch of boring stuff written for no other apparent reason except to be
skipped :cool: follows:
Basically either way the DDR3L is the one you want, although more expensive.
But then again according to the specs you actually don't have much of a choice anymore.
So the DDR3L is the one you get because:

1. As correctly stated by Sarah the switching between high and low states of DDR3L modules is faster,
because the difference between the states is smaller. But having that said don't expect miracles,
basically what i mean is to postpone your letter to the TOP500 at least for a while :).
(I'm not even sure if it is even possible for a human being to detect such a difference in the

2. Lower voltage means less heat. (1.35 compared to 1.5)
-Overclock possibilities is the first thing that comes into my mind :devil:.
-Less power consumption(from the RAM modules) + less heat(less power consumption indirectly
through lower fan speeds) = theoretically extended battery life, but then again don't throw away the
charger just yet. Those IMHO about 5 second more that you get sadly won't be much of a help, except
of course when you manage to prevent that "HUGE" disaster(broken daily build for example) with that
last second hack draining your battery to the new unexplored limits.
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