Dead as a doornail


Mar 10, 2012
Where I live
Well, not much going on around here.

The R2 is out but I don't see any real biggies there:

possibilitiy for 3 HDDs --> that is nice
the 675M --> is a rebranded 580M
no AMD 7970 Crossfire according to recent reports. Too hot (?)
antiglare screen --> who-hoo
custom glowing Alien head --> stretching at this point to find improvements

Have I missed out on any R2 improvements?
antiglare screen --> who-hoo

Could you tell me about that? Is it the thin plastic screen they mount in front of the actual LCD panel that carries the non reflective features?

Is it a coating, or does the surface have tiny sculpted diffractors in it? Is it something else?

You may not care, but the fact I can't use my M17x with ANY light source located behind me annoys me to no end.

I don't want to see my keyboard reflected in the screen at night, so sharp and clear, it beats the crap out of the imagery of whatever game I play.