Defective Alienware 14 Laptops


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Mar 9, 2014
Denver, CO
Hello Everyone,

Posted this in the Alienware Arena forums, but I wanted to post here as well. I ordered my Alienware 14 early in January, excited by the specs and decent reviews online. The computer was primarily to be used as a mobile development system for my consulting business. However, when I received my system I noticed that the network port was bent inward on the right side and had intermittent connection issues. I called tech support and they offered to send out a tech to replace a motherboard. I declined as this was an unacceptable build issue on a brand new computer. Alienware said they could send a replacement, but it would take 30 days. I thought about it and decided I could wait for an exchange.

Well 30 days later, I finally get my new system -- time to get to work right? Wrong. More build quality issues right out of the box. I immediately notice that there are some grease or residue marks on the keyboard/trackpad, the "{" key is bent inward and not flush with the other keys, and the power LED fx lighting is off. Great. I call tech support, he connects to my computer and tries to get the LED back on -- but can't. Yet again they want to send out a tech to replace parts in my brand new system. Once more, I state that these issues are unacceptable on a $2100 computer that just came out of the box. I ask about getting yet another replacement expedited to me. Tech support states that there is no expedited exchanges and I have to start all over from scratch (which includes getting my exchange "approved"). So I am supposed to wait another 30 days--another month without an Alienware computer that doesn't have build defects. Great.

Anyone have any tips on getting this turned around quicker? Should I throw in the towel with Alienware and demand a refund so I can find a computer manufacturer without build issues? I have reached out to support on Twitter, Facebook, and even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You think after sending out TWO defective computers Alienware would be all over getting this resolved quickly so I can get back to work. The turn around time and treatment I am getting almost makes me feel like Alienware views this as my fault somehow.

Again, these are brand new out of the box Alienware laptops with build issues. I am really starting to wish I had went with a different vendor.

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!
It would seem that we have had some similar issues with our computers. out of the box, AlienFX did not work, and half of the drivers on my "brand new" computer were out of date by about 4 years and were useless. Alienware's solution for this was to open up the computer and remove the battery... which was bolted down to the point where i stripped a screw trying to get it out. I called Tech Support at least 12 times asking for legitimate help and they refused to do anything, then threatened that because i had opened up my computer that my warranty could be void even though they had told me to do so.

I am fed up with Alienware and for my next computer will not get another one. Even after updating nearly every driver on the computer and manually fixing the AlienFX, there are still problems with the screen, the keyboard and mouse, the disk drive, 2 of my USB ports and the sound system and they have yet to allow me to send it in to get it checked out or have an Alienware tech come out to help me.

I bought my first Alienware computer 5 years ago before Dell bought them out and it was a fantastic computer with which i had absolutely no complaints and it was legitimately an amazing computer. but now, i would never recommend this company to any of my friends and actually warn them to stay away from it. After spending $2200 on a computer only to receive a pile of scrap, i am not happy. If anyone knows of any special division i can call to actually get help with my computer rather than an outsourced annoyance, i would be very glad to hear of it as well.


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Jun 12, 2014
I received my M14 last week which at first seemed to work but was simply amazed of what didn't work. Comcast Xfinity and killer wireless1202 don't play well together and to make matters worse, Dell customer service and Comcast technical support were somewhat of haphazard intelligence. I had a Computer consultant that I have known for many years tell me, blow away what is installed and reimage win 7 on laptop. Took that advice and now all is working except for the fact I lost alienware wallpaper in process. I'd like to say that I use this laptop for gaming but my financial software is built on gaming platform so mixed use for the laptop.