Dell 4VWF2 MS-7591 Alienware Aurora ALX Motherboard


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Mar 23, 2017
Hi all

I have the alienware aurora it has 4VWF2 MS-7591 motherboard and does that not support sata 6.0Gbs/only 3

As my drives are Samsung 850 pro and would like to make full use of them. Is this computer able to take any other board that will support the sata 6 ?.

Probably have to use another aurora motherboard but what do I need to bring the board up to date?

Any help please




Jan 9, 2013
Aurora R1 is Intel skt 1366 = Sata 2 only. You can put in 7JNH0 / FPV4P / 8FMMC Aurora R4 mthrbrd with 4820k / 4930k / 4960x if you want to, then retrofit the top I/O USB3.0 assembly
Search Aurora motherboard swap online, especially search images - & if you see an image - trace it back to the source page for information when possible. This is mostly 51 R1 swap info that may or may not help. Below is help with a bunk MIO board who won't put out Alien F/X with new mthrbrd:
I had time to put this together, but no time for back and forths, since swaps can be long conversations I don't get into. Find your answers online & wait for others to jump in here, good luck