Dell Driver/BIOS Updates

So, I took a look at the drivers page on for my service tag and of course there are a couple dozen "recommended" updates. However, when I download, update and rescan, the same updates are listed as "recommended".

This was the case for as long as I can remember with our other Dell computers in the past as well.

My question is this.. How do you keep track of which drivers actually need to be updated? You can download and install older updates without any warning from the website or the installation process.

Is it best to just use Alienware's system update app? It always seems content after a scan even though drivers for things like wifi and audio were horribly outdated.

Not concerned. My m14x and m17x run like a dream. I'm just a little OCD about driver updates which were much more dumbed down on the Mac. XD
I just filter them by date, let's sain the 30-90 range. Then I check if the version I actually have is the same of older.

That's what I've tried to do as well. I just wish Dell could relate the updates you've installed with those available and filter out the obsolete updates for your particular service tag. After all, they can scan your system and recommend updates.


Mar 1, 2013
I have been trying to figure this out as well and even debated making a forum about it. Every time I DL a driver it still shows up as recommended. Also should you update your drivers in a specific order? I heard you should when you buy a new computer as well as download drivers in safe mode