Dell just told my I can't upgrade my GPU on a m17x R4?


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Jun 21, 2013
Hello all!

So I have the M17X R4. It was an INCREDIBLY generous gift from my brother, who is in Afghanistan right now.
It's fantastic, and has really gotten me back into PC gaming after many years.

It runs everything I throw at it, and it has the 660M currently installed. Love it to death!

So, seeing all the upcoming games in the next year, I went online to get some info from dell's service Chat about moving to a 680M eventually. I was under the impression since it was an option on this laptop, that i could either buy the 680 from them in 6 months or so and install it myself (I already upgraded to the Killer-N myself), or send it back to them. But the CSR told me that I can't upgrade the Videocard to the 680, or anything for that matter.

Agent (Sharecyl T): "Upon checking, your system cannot have an upgraded GPU. it means that it can only be replace with the same GPU"

But reading this forum and others for awhile, it seemed that it would just swap since it was an available upgrade in the first place. I've searched threads and it seemed like some people can swap, and others can even mod them to cram something else in.

So, what's the correct answer? Can I not put a 680M in here if i wanted to?

Thanks for any clarification


Feb 25, 2012
Well, they are telling that you can't upgrade the video card because mobile video cards aren't really sold anywhere. While it is possible to be upgraded, you generally will have to find a parts machine to do it with. The only reason they are up-gradable in the first place is because they only build one motherboard to support multiple GPUs. They never actually intended for people to upgrade the GPUs to begin with.

If you can find a 680m to go into it then it should work fine. The problem will be finding one.
Ignore Dell, it is possible. Just getting your hands on the GPU is the trouble. Try eBay to start. Anything sold from a business or especially Dell will cost in excess of 700$ for a 680 or above. Then worry about doing the actual upgrade, either yourself or an experienced tech should do it, patience is key, remembering you'll probably run into software conflicts when it is installed, but that can be ironed out.
Hey guys, I'm new to the world of premium laptops but I've just ordered a new 17 which I'll use for playing games on as well as playing about with virtual machine environments in VMware. So, just what can and can't be upgraded on these laptops? Is it easy to do and is it really worth doing it?


Dec 26, 2012
I can't see why they won't let you upgrade from the 660 to the 680 unless each country has different upgrade options as I bought my R4 with a gtx 675m and I got Alienware/dell to upgrade my card to the HD7970 I could of got the 680m but I couldn't see the point of paying double the price when both cards are so similar benchmarks and a lot of games the HD7970m comes out on top now the drivers have been sorted. The only thing is if you want to overclock (I don't) the 680 is by far better at overclocking. More stable