Dell part replacement question

I have a problem with my Alienware M17x R4, and i've contacted Dell and they ordered a replacement for my faulty GTX 675m.

The laptop was bought from Dubai, and i live in Egypt.

It seems they don't have any GTX 675m in stock so they have to import one for me, does anyone have an idea how long it takes dell to fulfill such a task?? (they placed that order on 18th march)
How long is a piece of string? :p I wouldn't have a clue for you over there. Down in Australia it takes 1 day to get a part. I would expect at least a week to 2 weeks for you if they have to import one.
Hopefully not that long though.

that's a lot of downtime for me here, it's been a week already since i got to use my photoshop, and i really need my photoshop for my grad project.