Dell... >:(

So far, mine has been delayed three times (delayed for over a month) and just to get it delivered I have had to cancel the speakers (which were a gift to say sorry for the delay in the first place!) and the monitor. I'm pretty damn cranky at the moment, though right now I just want my computer. At the moment I'm using a laptop a few years old that I dropped about 2-3 years ago so it's pretty frustrating to use.

If it wasn't my first ever Alienware that I had ordered, I would have cancelled the whole order. Dell is not my friend right now! Haha


Feb 21, 2012
I've ordered 3 times from Dell, the first time was my XPS420 Desktop, about 6 years ago (which until a couple of years ago was running perfectly fine with stock parts, then they started failing so I upgraded it a bit), the second time for a printer cable (yeah I know, silly D: ), and my third order was my m17x. So far every order arrived on scheduled time, heck my m17x arrived even a couple fo days earlier than scheduled, so I can't really complain about anything. I've even exchanged a couple of email with the customer service, and I can't really complain about that either.

So to sum it up, I'm truly satisfacted by Dell services up until now.
It just seems like Dell got ahead of itself with the x51. Obviously the weren't ready to meet the demand for this new desktop, and now they can't piece them together fast enough. And it almost seems like a cruel joke when they make lame excuses about it (like that one about running out of wallpaper... I'm never going to forget that...)
I ordered my Alienware on... February 16th and the Alienware Tactx mouse that came with it was at my door by the 20th. The laptop itself arrived on the 23rd so exactly 1 week. So far I'm very pleased with my machine. Only had 1 small tiny issue with the free 14 month mcafee they installed, went to tech support, they tried for almost 2 hours to "fix it" they never fixed it... So I fixed it myself within 2 mins =P...
Only other issue is that sometimes my Trackpad drivers fail and have to be reinstalled. Something is conflicting and I don't know what is exactly. But only a minor issue, I have a mouse.

Overall Dell hasn't failed me yet.
I'm so jealous! Maybe I'm just unlucky haha

And I wish I could agree with you about the getting ahead of themselves thing. The speakers were the brand Bose and the monitor was a Dell monitor, so both were options with the tower. The actual X51 was ready in about 2-3 days, but it was the monitor and speakers that screwed it up.

It's good to know they aren't crap haha a few of my friends on facebook told me to cancel my order because Dell are horrible, so it's good to hear some happy stories :)

An update though: got a phone call from the courier today so it should arrive tomorrow :D Though, now that I've had to cancel the monitor, looks like I'll have to use my 32 inch flat screen led tv till I can buy a monitor ;) Hehehe


Mar 4, 2012
I think that the majority of the dalays most people have been experiencing have been with the X51, the last computer I ordered before my X51 was the XPS410 (I think I posted mistakenly in an earlier post that it was the 420) and I did not experience any delays with that one, but it was a while back. With the X51, I ordered mine on the 1st of February (I had originaly heard about them the day of release just surfing the website for a new comp since my 410 crapped out on me) and the EDD was the 28th. I was a bit surprised by the long wait but having never ordered an Alienware I just thought it was par for the course.

Little did I know that the delays were starting at that point. Although my EDD was never changed, I became upset (that is putting it mildy) when I discovered that newer orders of $899 or more were receiving a $100 Alienware gift card. I called customer support to voice my concerns over having to wait till the 28th and since I placed my order on the 1st, I told the rep that I felt that I was entitled to some sort of consolation incentive (having missed out on the $100 gift card). They expedited my order and threw in next day delivery for my troubles. So my new EDD was the 23rd (I know, only five days but something is better than nothing) and I was elated. Sure as rain, it arrived on the 23rd at about 1130hrs (the Fed Ex site said sometime before 1500hrs) and the rest as they say is history.
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Mar 24, 2012
Mine is being Delayed a full 10 days because the Standard Keyboard that comes with it is back ordered. It went from EDD : 3/30/2012 to 4/10/2012 . now it is just standing still all built and tested waiting for the damn keyboard

I told them to cancel the Keyboard and send the Desktop without it i dont need it. they said no.

Also got a Delay on my TactX Keyboard, Mouse and Headset because the headset is in back order


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Dell told me that it would take roughly 2 weeks and it would get to my door on or before the 8th Feb but I would be notified by the freight carrier before delivery. The 8th came but I had not had a call so I went and did what I had to do for the day only to come home and find a note in my letterbox telling me that they had tried to deliver my M17x but I was not home to accept. Shattered. I had to call their call centre to arrange a new delivery day. The person told me that it would be the next day between 9 and 5. Waited till 4pm before calling to confirm delivery. They then told me it was actually booked for the day after that between 9 and 5! It takes a lot to get me upset but they managed to do it quite well. Not Dells fault but they should look at the service their carriers provide.

All happy now though!