Desktop Build

Well guys I know this isn't an Alienware desktop build but I figured I'd share any way.
I really enjoy this case, my girlfriend thinks it looks stupid but whatever. It has great potential for cooling, fits all sizes of MOBO's, accepts the largest size of watercooling, easily accessible hot swap bays and overall looks nice.

I did some reading on processors and I was tempted for a bit to go with AMD but after I researched Intel is just head of heels and I can justify the price if it's a much better product. Comparing the i5-3570K to my other choice, the i7-3770K it was pretty clear which I'll be taking because I am constrained by price a little bit.
When compared to a 900 series Extreme i7 the i5-3570 provided the same results and the difference between it and the i7-3770K is exactly 100mhz and 3mbps of L3 cache and the expense of saving 100$ :).
Damn sexy motherboard that supports PCI 3.0, very good cooling and it's Asus.. can't go wrong. Not to mention the 5 year warranty. HOWEVER, in my area today saw this motherboard for sale on kijiji, he says it's 1 month old, works correctly and would let me test it out first, regularly 300$+, selling for 200$ even.
Nothing particularly special about these, it's cheap, it'll work and look cool
I fell in love with this GPU, mainly because it has better core clock speed than a lot of the higher ups and I want the bulldog style hardcore power. Not to mention is cheap, and from EVGA. It'll be a nice piece of hardware I think. Any other suggestions?
No particular reason for picking this one... I have NO idea about power supplies in general and just pulled this one out because OCZ is a reputable brand that I know works well. Need help here guys, I know the more stuff you have plugged into it, example: SLi the more power you'll need. I've heard some of my online friends have a 600watt and they don't even use it all.

I know I'm missing a Harddrive, but I'm really not worried about it too much. I have my laptop set up with a nice OCZ Sata 3 SSD I could pull out and put in the desktop if I just simply can't live without the speed boost. Otherwise I'll get a cheap 1TB and go from there.
Tell me what you think, what I'm missing, recommend me some water cooling? And/or a good CPU cooler?
Hey guys... so this has come up in my area and it's almost an irresistible deal. These are the specs:

Core i5 2500K
Asus maximus IV extreme
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHZ
corsair 90GB SSD
OCZ 850W gold Certified PSU
NZXT Swift 810,
AMD HD6450 (higher end card removed for his current build)

For 600$...
I figure I can break down this thing and sell it for roughly the same price.. Or use some of the parts for my build, even though they aren't the exact parts I wanted and they are used and quite frankly getting a little old at this point.
What do you think guys? Should I fold, get this rig, update it myself, have an instant desktop with decent specs? Or have the tactile feel and pleasure of ordering parts for myself and buying new?


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I say go for your own build. I think the satisfaction of buying everything new and piecing it together yourself will make it special. Also, like you said, those parts are getting a little old. You've got me wanting to try a build now too.
Heh well.. kinda too late for that. The guy was really nice but really desperate to get rid of it. He actually took my cab fair off the price so I could come get it last night. So 570$ later, I have a 1100$ rig sitting next to me.
I figure worst case scenario is I resell it at a profit.