Desktop envy


Feb 25, 2012
So today for no exact reason I was hit by the desire to get an Alienware Aurora.. So I started doing some research and looking around for any used. I found on on Kijiji, someone living less than 15 mins away from me selling an Alienware Aurora R2 with special fins, only missing a Video card and Ram, both of which could be purchased for under 500$ top of the line. He's asking 650$. I then went to eBay to look for the Aurora case, just the case, found one for 300$ after shipping all told. Not so bad at all for something I could customize and love dearly for years to come.

Now I have absolutely no reason to need a desktop. I don't even own a TV let alone a monitor.. and I just got a computer desk (woohoo :p) and that's as far as I've got. Not to mention I have an m14x R1 powerful enough to not need an upgrade for awhile (unless I was to win the 15$ newegg giftcard, I might just have to get some ram ;P) and that I'd end up using more often anyhow. So beyond this silly fantasy, I thought I'd share my desktop envy :p
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Mar 19, 2012
Just get it! I'm certain you wont regret your decision. Or maybe you could buy it for me and send it over! That's an even better idea! :D