Desktop Screenshots


Feb 2, 2012
I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's desktop looks like. Do you have a messy or organized desktop? Take a screenshot and post it! I'll do mine when I get home. :)

Be sure to re-size the pic so it's not too wide in the forum. (or upload it to the gallery in the Alienware Systems / Gaming Setups section and post the link.)

Here you go, this is how my screen looks.


Feb 25, 2012
How do I get the accessories? like the weather time and stuff?

It was already installed when I got my AW. It's called AccuWeather you may be able to find it if you search in the start menu.

Anyway, here's my desktop (2 screens which are not the same pixel size).


This is how it stays most of the time. I use a program called launchy to search for and run applications or open up directories/files so I don't need the start menu/task bar or icons. If I've minimized a window I just use alt+tab to switch back. I've got the dock for some games and notifications or UIs that I sometimes turn on. If you right click on the image and hit view you can get a bigger picture.