Desktops or laptops


Feb 8, 2012
I use my m17x for work and play so I like the laptop but I also have a desktop and it's not an AW but the laptops are just so awesome and well portability is a good thing considering my desktop case alone is 30lbs so if you wanna swing over to a buddies house and hit up a night of brews and baddies than the laptop is the way to go.


Mar 4, 2012
I went with the m17x. I would love to have spent money to build my own rig and deck things out, but I had to make the call. In the end, I have to have something portable. I need the ability to take my system to many placed, from family's houses, to road trips, to clients locations (for my IT work), and so portability is a must. I have my tablet and phone, but my tech world is laptop centered. Not to mention I do a lot of gaming, and keep tons and tons of rulebooks and everything on my system.
if i was going to get a desktop i would much rather just build one. if im going to buy an alienware im gonna get a laptop. thats why i got a m17x. i think alienware has some of the best laptops on the market but i don't see much advantage of getting the desktop unless its the bragging rights of owning an alienware desktop.