Different Case


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Apr 10, 2013
Houston , Texas
So I'm thinking of taking all My Alienware Parts out of my Case as there is nowhere near enough room for upgrades lol.
What would be a Great Full Tower ATX case to put all my Alienware parts in? I'm not worried about Loosing the Lighting :)
I'm also doing this Because of wanting SLI and Maybe even Tri SLI lol
Any Recommendations would be Awesome :)


Feb 26, 2012
well what parts because the matx mobo will still be kinda tight. also what more do you wanna do ive added multiple radiators i am liquid cooling the cpu and gpu with a custom loop. its got alot of room. also if your thinking tri sli then your gonna have to buy another mobo. i recommend an asus rog board. cases just depend on what you wanna do. do you wanna liquid cool or do you wanna air cool. www.frozencpu.com also nzxt makes some really nice cases as well
Yeah.. if you want to do all the things you say you want to do you're going to have to ditch the AW stuff. ROG mobo's are awesome, totally worth what you pay and vary in size.
You could get a Full Tower, I'm pretty sure most have holes for the mATX size mobos all the way up to Extended size. It would like a little silly though having a giganto tower with a itybitty mobo tucked away on up in the corner.
I purchased a Cooler Master HAF XB about 3 months ago and have been EXTREMELY satisfied with that purchase. I haven't even though about upgrading or buying a new case since(other than the sweet deal I got on my new Alienware case for $60). I usually upgrade cases 1-3 times a year lol. What can I say, I love looking at something amazing every day. Anyways, the HAF XB offers a TON of space and air cooling is great in this box, with plenty of room for upgrading in the near future! Trust me, it's worth every penny! I'd sell you mine, but I'm giving it to my little brother once I'm done modding my Alienware case.