Do I pull the trigger on a Alpha?


New Member
May 15, 2018
Hi folks.

Looking into pulling the trigger on a Alpha but before i do, i just don’t want to splash my cash on a system that doesn’t exceed my expectations.
I’m a current PS4 user but looking for a system I can enjoy not only the titles I currently love (or most of) but the countless emulated titles. Especially all the ones I loved as a kid.
I recently come across this on YouTube a while ago and was wowed by what can actually be achieved:
Now ideally if I had enough room I’d be willing to save and buy a full boxed set up
for my man cave to accompany my bar and pool table (yeah I wish lol).
I’m after a small system that I can easily connect up to my 65” 4k TV and play away which brings me to my first question....will a alpha come close to what this gentleman is experiencing with his emulated set up?

My second question is.....I’ve found various companies/folks selling external HD’s loaded with emulated ROMS from MAME, Capcom etc. I know it’s a vague question but is it simply a matter of plugging in the external drive into the alpha and away you go to get the titles running? I know hyperspin is a popular choice for organization of thousands of titles. Is it really that simple?
Thanks for reading folks and I hope to get some advice or feedback