Docking Station


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May 26, 2014

I have the same desire for an AW docking station, but in the mean time i solved the issue with a monitor.
Yeah i know it sounds crazy but bear with me for a moment.

So i have the following monitor:

My AW14 stands on a cooling pad(Cooler Master U3)
and it's connected only to it's charger, to the monitor with miniDP(Display Port) to DP cable and a simple USB.
Three cables in total while i know it's not the perfect solution it's not that bad either.

So the concept is as follows:
1. The keyboard and mouse constantly connected to the monitor. (Although i'm using
Razer Orochi which is BT(Bluetooth)). And yes i'm aware that every real gamer can't
make a compromise and sacrifice that half millisecond lag (because the mouse or keyboard
is connected to the laptop through the USB hub in the monitor). But i'm willing to make it and at
least when my game sucks that much i can point those hard facts out :cool:.

2. My speakers are connected to the monitor. Yes, you just read that right, it has an audio
output which really is a simple stereo jack but it's quite sufficient for my needs right now.
The audio from the HDMI or DP is transferred to this output. Yes, i know that this is not enough
for your 5.1 audio system, but if you are that into gaming you'll be wearing headphones!

3. For network i use the Killer Wireless adapter so no cables there.
I was thinking to write about how you are ok even if you are a hard core gamer going on LAN parties
because you simply won't get your docking station anyway. But then i realized that i'am that guy that
will take his docking station and monitor as a matter of fact to a LAN party, because we used to do
it with full desktop machines with CRT monitors and stuff. What's a tiny docking station compared to that.

While my solution is not perfect it's a good start,