Docks / Hubs?


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Dec 18, 2016
So... while waiting for the shipping date of my 17 R4 to stop moving further and further away and for the laptop to actually be delivered I'm looking at docks, hubs and other stuff to use with this laptop.

My intent is to use it in my computer room when I'm using the laptop there; it (the laptop) will effectively be a desktop replacement for me, so having a few more ports and other odds and ends to maybe use with my existing monitors might be handy...

Anyone have any recommendations?


Feb 2, 2012
It would be so awesome if AW would just add a dock connector and come out with a cool AW dock. That would definitely sell!
You can try the AGA. You'll only need to connect the power and the proprietary cable from the amp to you laptop to dock it.


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Mar 7, 2017
Just finished a chat with Dell. The current recommended dock is the Thunderbolt TB16-240W because it supports 2 4K monitors. Placed an order, should get it the first of next week. Will report after I try it.