Does Alienware Keyboard and Mouse work with non Alienware PC's?


Feb 14, 2018
?I have the new Alienware mouse and keyboard I forget the model names but they are very new and expensive. The Elite Pro versions, both are very nice and high quality and I love everything about them. I am building my first custom water cooled PC by hand from scratch. I have everything I need except the CPU and cables from cable mod which is due next week.

I am hoping since Windows 10 and Dell aka Alienware have released apps for Alien FX and Command Center via Microsoft Windows store that I can use the keyboard and mouse with non-Alienware PC's. Can anyone confirm this? I mean it would only make sense for Alienware to make this an option because it would mean more customers and profits right? Only recently has Alienware Command Center and FX display been made available on the MS Store. If you go into the descriptions it says you only need Windows 10 and its got to be a certain version. So I take it as long as you meet this requirement you should be able to download and install this software in order to get the mouse and keyboard to work or be able to change the macro and RGB settings?

Can anyone confirm this or know for sure. Please keep in mind it was never this way before but like a few months ago all these Alienware apps are now on the MS Store. So things have changed I think.

Also, I have the Alienware 34 curved monitor and it to is also controlled by the Alienware Command Center to change the RGB lights on it. I have an older Alienware Area 51 R2 desktop so I just missed the boat for the newer Command Center but the mouse and keyboard do run and work off the new CC and apps. However, the PC case and the monitor do not and never will according to Alienware support tech... This was very disappointing at first because I wanted to be able to use the new Alienware Command Center Overclocking tools that come with the new CC software.

Can anyone share some info or experience, please? Trying to find an Alienware community for questions and help is very hard it seems. Reddit does have a subgroup but I wanted to try this site first.

Thank you