Does anyone play World of tanks?

Hello all

I think I have been having driver problems with my R2 M14x. However I was curious if anyone else out here plays world of tanks and can give me an idea of the graphics settings you are able to play it on.

WOT determines I need medium settings. It plays just fine at 50 60 fps however when I see some of the other games listed on here as being able to be played a full settings I didn't think WOT was that intensive.

Thank you for any replies

Hello V2rocketeer, When we think of games and graphics we tend to forget what goes on in the back ground. WoT is a good game, played it for months myself. But it is a free to play game. Many games like this are made with a much smaller budget then say a game such as Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or Battlefield 3. The issue with medium settings being recommended has more to do with the game than your hardware. For example not all games (their engines primarily) support multiple CPU's or GPU's or even DX11. Which means the game can only run on one core of your processor or one GPU if you run more then 1 GPU (which I know the M14x cannot do). Also the game may not be optimized to work as well as it could be. Game makers that know this and will recommend lower settings to avoid users who are unfamiliar with settings getting performance issues. A similar example right now is I'm playing the beta for Mechwarrior Online using the Cryengine 3. I have a fully decked M18x, and I get maybe 40fps on high settings (which still looks kinda ok) but it also is a free to play game and hasn't been optimized as good as it could be. Try another game such as Batman Arkham City and see how it runs. I use that game as an example as it has been highly optimized to run very well on DX11 hardware and utilizes all your computer has to offer. Hope this long winded answer helped a little.