Does the M14 have HD issues?

I have had my M14xR1 since last Dec and from about 2 months after getting it, it has a bsod issue. If I am using it, it is fine. I can play for hours, work on graphics projects, run music, and it performs great and has no problems. UNLESS, two things cause it problems. 1. if it sits for more than about 7 minutes it crashes. If I put it to sleep when I am done, it wakes up fine. But if I walk away and let it sit, it's dead. 2. If I try and run zune software it crashes within a minute. Any ideas?

I have checked the RAM, the HD seems to have alot of bad sectors, but Alienautopsy will show it "ok" once and then having problems the next time. So I think this is the issue, but just looking for advice from anyone who has had a similar issue.

Thank you


Feb 21, 2012
So when you let your PC go idle it crashes? Try setting off the HDD shutdown time in the power management settings and see if there's any difference.
The bad sectors shown by AlienAutopsy are most likely bogus information. My Alienautopsy shows them aswell, but I've ran several tests and softwares provided by the HDD manufacturer (Seagate in my case), and it doesn't show any bad sectors whatsoever. The bad sectrs shown by AlienAutopsy are probably due to some unrecognized data after an HDD firmware update or an update of the application itself.
I have the Seagate 750 in it. I have had the HDD shut down turned off, but it hasn't made a difference. I have re-installed win 7 twice, but have the same issue each time. It is just annoying. I could even stand it crashing in idle, if I could just get it to run Zune, since that is my music service. I hate I tunes, and Zune links with my 360, Zune HD, and Phone. It just makes more sense. The PC was crashing before I installed Zune, BTW so NO that isn't the problem.

Thanks for the reply!