Does x51 r2 POST or beep without GPU?

I have bought x51 r2 case from a reputable seller, and RAM and CPU from other reputable sellers.
I thought that it will work with onboard graphics. It does not.
When turned on, cpu fan is whirring, no post sounds and no beeps , Alienware head blinks yellow for one second and thats it.
Cpu fan whirs till I forcefully turn the pc off. It behaves the same without memory installed.(thought that without memory it will at least give me beeps)
I have tried resetting the BIOS with the jumper.
So either I bought defect CPU or defect alienware MOBO, or it does not work with integrated onboard graphics by default ?
I am having problems in a r1 that won't start. What I can tell you is that if I do not have the RAM in, then I get the characteristic 2 beep POST code letting me know there is a RAM issue, so you are right that it should beep without RAM. Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Obligatory questions posted on other threads.
  • Have you tried unplugging everything?
  • Are you sure the PSU is working properly?
Yes, I have tried unplugging everything, and regarding the PSU, I have no way of testing it (meaning like checking voltage delivered).
I am getting discrete GPU possibly tomorrow so I will see what happens.
It seems that r2 does not have an integrated speaker.


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You should get a beep code if the CPU has an issue. I bought an R2 from an auction site a few years back. It wouldn't start either and I realised that the CMOS battery wire was broken (along with the wifi cables), probably when someone tried jamming the GPU in it. Just check over every wire you can find to see it's all good. It's pretty tight in that case.
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Thx...i have also bought it barebones from repitable seller who said it works
Meanwhile i have found out that it does have an mobo speaker so it should beep.
Cpu is i5 4460 maybe bios upgrade was not done so it does not recognize it?
I have bought pentium g cpu to try it also it will arrive tomorrow.
I will remove wifi msata card , and try
It doesnt seem broken though