Dolby Home Theatre v4 - Laptop Alienware m17xr5


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Feb 21, 2014
Velká Británie
Hello everyone, i've got big problem, and i am starting to be angry because this.

I bought at the end of previous year laptop Alienware m17xr5 (r1 - whatever). My problem is so, when i start laptop everything is good. Sounds working properly, volume is loud (I've go for all time volume in windows on 30%) and sounds have got colors because working equalizer in dolby home theatre v4. Problem starting be if i connect jack of my headphones to pc (i it is still connected for first time - everything working good), but if i remove headphones from laptops jack dolby home theatre stop working. No i don't recieve some error mesage, but how i can see, equalizer is not jumping during play of mp3 or watching movie. This problem happened if i start game and connect headphones jack to laptop and than i quit game. The worst is so if it is non function (mean dolby home theatre) i can use enjoy live sounds only if i during listening mp3 connect headphones and disconnect immidiately after that. That's working but only for one mp3, if i start another sounds is terrible again.

Now i tried reinstall all drivers - official from Dell pages with dolby home theatre driver too - no change

Installed unofficial drivers from there - Realtek mod X-Fi / LebGeeks (there was all function - maybe because i had on default playback device no Realtek High Definition Audio but name of drivers of this guy - but there was problem so that sounds was not perfect, not clean and so loud)

And now i've got installed drivers from official realtek pages - lates version for HD Audio. They've got integrated Dolby - but mine problem is the same.

I guess so i don't have a problem with that hole for jack in laptop, or my headphones. Because with deactivated Dolby i've got terrible sound for al time, with connected headphones or not :)

I give there some screens - u can check that


p.s. I am really sorry for my english, need more practise :)