Downgrading Win8 to Win7, retail win7 CD does not work. HELP!

Hi all, I just got my new M14x R2 2 days ago and it came with Windows 8 preinstalled. Didn't come with any Windows Media.

I just replaced the HDD with an SSD and I want to run Win7. I only have a retail disc, I put all the files in a USB, performed a clean install.

After installation was completed it doesn't go to windows after the reboot - an error comes up saying Ntoskrnl and some other files are either missing/corrupted. I've tried doing this in both in EFI and BIOS modes, changed SATA modes to ATA/AHCI/Raid, 1st boot after install always a no-go with the same error showing up.

The only problem I can think of is that the retail CD win7 (or win8 as well) files do not work, there must be some preloaded drivers needed for Alienware machines.

Am I correct to assume that the only way I can install windows is by using the Alienware windows installation disc?

I'm currently overseas and have no way to order the Alienware installation discs, is there a link somewhere that I can download the Alienware win7 *.iso from?
I wouldn't think that you would need an AW Windows disc. When you say that you put all the files in a USB does that mean you tried to install Win7 using the USB or did you use the disc?

I never thought so too, until now. I've built/rebuilt so many systems over the years and this is the first time I've failed to clean install Windows.

I've tried everything - clean install using USB/UEFI mode, using the CD/BIOS mode, for both Win7 and Win8. Still no luck. The boot initialization files don't install properly and I get an error before I even get to the Windows 7 logo screen. On Win8 it doesn't even boot, like there's no drive present. I've used the same CD/installation files on other builds previously, so there's no question that the issue is with my M14x.

Anybody knows if there's special sauce in the Alienware Windows installation CD?