Driver problems with new M17x R4

Ok so Ive been admiring alienware computers for a long time any my laptop shit the bed affording me the oppertunity to buy a new(ish) alienware laptop! found one on ebay for a alright enough deal BUT>>>

got it from a company called dataserveusa or something, so i assume they obtained a used computer refurbished it and resold it. ive beeen having a few glitches...the wifi intermittantly slows to a crawl. in the systemtray by the clock i have an error message " PROSet/Wireless WiMAX . The WiMAX adapter is missing" is this something you guys have on your laptops? ive tried repairing the drivers didnt work. can i uninstall this? since i dont think its working?

i think the guy did an alright job gettting most of the drivers installed except that network proob and

i have a disk drive on this laptop it dosent show up under My Computer but has power i was able to insert a disk and eject it ... what kind of drive came with these in 2013? bd combo? just a dvdrw?

also looking for recovery disks for this computer

any help is appreciated
I wanted to start a new thread in fear that this one wont get any new views....

so i uninstalled the proset/wimax software.... still intermitant slow internet over wifi..

BUT after i reset the wirelesscard (went into the network connections menu disabled and then re-enabled it) its back to "normal" whats up with this? is the card going bad?
okay so im giving up on this wireless card and buying a new one, ive read there was some kind of class action lawsuit over this card dropping signal.

going with intell ultimate N 6300 with 3 antennas..

when i was inside the computer a few days ago i saw an extra white antenna wire that wasnt connected to anything ? is this already have the extra antenna wired? anyone can give me advice here?