Dust Cover for the CDRW Drive - Alienware 18 2014


May 3, 2014
See the attached Picture ....
Well where to begin .... Grrrrrrrrrr ..... DELL SUCKS !!
but I digress ....

the issue that I am having is that my laptop did not come with a CDRW drive ... I guess I don't need one but the added inconvenience of carrying an external one around in my already 20 pound bag sucks ....
So I figured that I would just order the parts and put it on myself ... no biggy ...
Big mistake ...

DELL has no PARTS for this thing .... NONE ....

I got the CDRW off of ebay and the caddy from some other website ... cant remember where ... well anyways it all fits perfect with the exception of the fact that the SATA hard drive cables do not fit the CDRW SLIM.
because its a SATA Slim connection.... NOOO one sells the SATA Slim cable for laptops .... *(
so I thought that I would give dell one more shot ... gave them a call and they said that they have the cable .... but who knows if its the right cable because they could offer no picture or any other data on the cable ... she couldn't even tell me if it was SATA or SATA Slim ... so I am crossing my fingers and hoping its the right cable.

anyways ... I am also missing yet another part that DELL doesn't even sell according to the lady on the phone..
The Dust cover for the CDRW slot ... ( Look at the picture and you will know what im talking about.

When I got the laptop it came with a DUMMY slot cover .... well the cover that I am looking for looks just like the Dummy cover with one BIG exception ... It has the Hole cut out for the CD to slide in ... *)
According to the DELL Rep that I was talking to ... they don't sell it ... but she can get me a new dummy cover !! Ya!! just what I need a new cover to cover up the hole !!!

Anyways ... have a look at the picture and let me know if any of you know where I can find this piece .... IDK ... maybe one of you have some spare parts from a broken laptop ...



Aug 7, 2014
I would almost be under the assumption that these covers are universal. though, what do I know. Shouldnt that cover be included with the CD drive? My toshiba has it all as one part.