Easy way to search Ebay for Alienware PC's/Parts


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
I thought Id share this site with you all if you dont already know about it. Its been around for a few years and I find it great for hunting down specific items and filter out the Bullshit thats all over Ebay.


PicClick is a web-based shopping search engine that scours eBay and returns results in thumbnail format. Instead of scrolling through long and rather linear pages of search results you can quickly scan over a whole page of results with the price, image, and with eBay auctions the time left. You specify keywords, minimum and maximum price, zip code for proximity, and the size of the thumbnails, which is adjustable with a slider. Standard sorting tools available on the web sites themselves, such as highest to lowest prices sorting, are available from within PicClick.

Check it out if you haven't already :cool:

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