Enabling graphics card


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Jan 29, 2018
Hey everybody. I think I seem to have a unique problem. I own a Alienware m17x 2014 AMD m290x. After using this for three years the screen seems to have given up and leaked fluid inside. I took the opportunity to obtain a 144 hz monitor since I primarily play CSGO, figured this would be an upgrade in gameplay. Now while trying to obtain the higher refresh rate I disabled my AMD graphics through device manager and now there’s no connectivity to the monitor through any cable. HDMI,DVI etc. Now this would have been an any fix if the screen on the laptop was functional but it’s not useable at all. Any command to enable the graphics card? Or any help would be appreciated. I know it was a stupid mistake but would like fixing the screen to be last resort. Thank you for your time!
PS: attachment entails the current laptop screen situation.


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