Enabling Sli

So I received my 18 today and I was wondering how to enable SLI mode for my 770's. I open the Nvidia control panel > Set SLI and Physx config. > set SLI from disable to maximize 3D performance and then Physx to auto and then I try to apply the settings and it won't because I need to close the pcee4.exe and toaster.exe !!??
Thanks MattyB! It's done! What are the A tru D keys for on the number pad and what theme do you prefer for Alien FX?

Those keys you can set to do anything you want. YOu set them using command center. if you have a 18 you also have another set of them along side the esc key-ctrl key. It comes in handy during gaming. You can set them up to do certain moves or set them for certain powers ect.

My colors are all stuck on green so i have a alienware tech coming to my house monday with a new motherboard. lol. SOunds trivial having the guy come just to fix the lights but for 5 grand everything should work perfectly!
yeah, i was on the phone with alienware tech support ofr about 2 hours yesterday. they were trying to change the colors of the lights using command center and it won't work. I kept getting the error message "device not detected "ect so the colors are all stuck on green. They tried everything and couldn't figure it out so they determined i just need a new motherboard. So monday the guy is coming to my house with a new one to swap it out for me. HOpefully it works after that. if not they are just gonna give me a whole new laptop.