Engineering Oversights and Corner Cutting

I think this should be talked about:
Things that Dell should really improve...
Maybe the current 11% drop in sales can convince them?

Most aggravating are engineering oversights and corner cutting, like the following:

- cheap, overly reflective, scratch sensitive plastic screens covering the display, instead of real glass with anti-reflective coating like Apple installs in their similarly designed notebook displays. For the price, this low quality plastic is just unacceptable.

It has me convinced that Alienware engineers work in complete darkness, or else, they had to have noticed that the screen turns into a mirror with any light source at all located behind you. Even the illuminated keyboard causes massive reflections.

People buy their mirrors at Bed and Bath, and they usually don't cost much more than $100

- too much noise, because the cooling system is not as carefully designed as that on Asus or Samsung gaming notebooks, for example.

I've been getting tired of the piece meal cooling solutions, most manufacturer's use which are not properly integrated into the cases of laptops in general. Its like an afterthought and efficiency is mediocre at best.

- paint coming off, cause it can't adapt to temperature changes of the panel it sits on, basically meaning they used the wrong paint or were too cheap to buy the right paint. Made in China, right? so we wonder if its the same poisonous paint they use on children's toys?

- keyboard keys popping off. People had some keys pop off, get the keyboards replaced, only to have it happen again. Keyboards should definitely be the subject of IKEA style long term robotic testing...

Any other things known that need improvement badly?
The screen is a bit reflective, but handles scratches well. As for the noise level, this rig is quieter then some of my previous rigs. I experienced the paint coming of but it was replaced no hassle. As for the keys popping off I haven't experienced that yet and I hope I don't. Overall the one thing I would change is the integration of a water cooling system.