Eurocom sells GTX 780m upgrade kits for Older Alienware laptops


Jun 22, 2013
san diego
They confirmed its compatible with previous gen Alienware M17x and M18x...But they only sell upgrade kits not just bare GPU is the e-mail I got...basically I asked if yhey have GTX 780m for older Alienware laptops...

Hi * Yes - - we are selling a complete VGA Upgrade Kit for this The kit includes the VGA card, thermal paste, thermal pads and the x-bracket ( supporter ) $890 USD + SHIPPING *

Regards *

Garry *

Garry Smith*| Account Manager | Eurocom Corporation | 1.877.EUROCOM |*613.224.6122x*7969 |*613.656.7969*(direct) |Fax :*613.224.2511|*