Everything i need, to install SSD in X51 R2


i am here for some suggestions, the thing is that i planning to buy X51 R2 with 2TB HDD, which i would like to replace with SSD+HDD combination-like OEM 2,5+ 2,5 in dual bracket.
My question is, what kind of components will i need in order to do this ? I dont know if a cables are included or not and if not, wouldnt that been little dangerous task, as i am not experinced with removing parts from pc and on top of that of such a expensive pc like X51.
At least i assuming, that if i would like to reach sata connectors, i would need to remove basically everything to reach them, correct me if i am wrong, i will be only glad, as i dont want to debone that pc :D

Thank you.
For dual drives, they must both be 2.5" drives in the dual drive bracket that comes with the x51 R2. Otherwise with a 3.5" 2tb they are correct only an msata ssd can be used
Does the dual drive bracket come as standard, even with configs that only have the single 3.5in drive? I'm considering buying an X51 but would install two aftermarket SSDs.

Yeah good question i wondering too, as if yes then it would be basically plug and play for us.
Shame the SSDs are still so expensive-i would take one 3,5 inch 1TB SSD over 2,5 inch combo lets say 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD any day of week. 1TB is enough for me.