This is an awesome little card. I'm just ran it through Battlefield 4 and it blow away my expectations. I switched out my EVGA 650 Ti Boost due to it running at a constant 90C. All I can say is Nvidia hit a home run with this card. The case of my X51 is luke warm at best. Simply amazing. I highly it recommend as a cheap upgrade over the GTX 645. I'm going to record some game play video and put it up on youtube. I'll post links here in a day or two.
Yep I'm running it off of the 180W power supply right now. I just added an SSD and migrated the os over. I'm going to have to update my sig. The 750ti only draws 60W. I was running a 650 Ti Boost off the 180W power supply, but it was running too hot for my liking.

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So does this card blow air out of the case? Looking to buy one.

Yes the card blows the hot air out of the case.

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think u could do me a favor and check fps on war thunder with max settings
i have the 645 and wanting to lock in a 60 fps with max and vsynk

Run Warthunder at max setting with vsync and according to FRAPS I was averaging 57.367 fps to 59.858 fps.


May 4, 2012
So I put a 750ti sc into my x51 the other day. I got the wrong one though, mine has the twin fans and not the blower. It runs great, but I keep the side panel off it.

Really amazed how much better the 750ti is over my 650ti (roasted playing titanfall)