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expanding site more

i believe that this site should expand to all pc related things rather than sticking to alienware as main. site such as tomshardware and others are great example. to be honest, awa like community is not what you want to aim for to create a successful website. on awa the community isnt as large as you think. there are active people but level of activity is not constant. only during events such as key givaway or some kind of tournament will you see huge activity.


Feb 2, 2012
Toms Hardware used to be better site back in the day, before it was sold to a big company. I was on there all the time. Use to love their CPU roadmaps. Now it is just a big billboard and it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are plenty of general PC related sites out there, big and small. Most are overun with ads. Having a few ads, done tastefully, to help offset the cost of running the site is acceptable IMO. Plus it can also help create more giveaways. :)

My goal it to have a great Alienware Owner and Enthusiast site. Why? Because I am both, an owner & enthusiast, and I enjoy creating a place where other AW owners and enthusiasts can come, hangout, and maybe even call their second home. ;) Yes, it may be a small niche community, but I am perfectly OK with that. I am not a company, so competing with AWA or NBR is not even in my mindset. I do not have a team of web designers, or a staff of people in an office. It's just me, the AWO members who join the site staff, and the AWO community. Together we can make a nice close nit community.

I appreciate your feedback with expanding into a more general PC type of site, but I wouldn't have the motivation to go down that road. I have no problem creating an expanded section for custom built PCs, as I have been custom building my desktops since the late 90's. Back when Computer Shopper magazine looked like an over-sized phonebook. LOL


Feb 12, 2012
Tommy, I really like your ideas and goals. I say keep it as you have it and expand sections as needed. We are all here for the same reasons, we love Alienware and gaming.

PS: I also remember when Computer Shopper was like an over sized phone book too. The paper was just like a phone book too. There was no Newegg, eBay, or Amazon back then. You bought it all via mail order. :) This is making me feel old. :p
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Tommy I like your style, keeping the site to a niche group of people is extremely helpful I know I will not have to worry about trying to get info on this site when I strickly know that it is for alien enthusiasts. Great job keep up the good work.