Extending Warranty on Alienware M17xr4 after battery not charge issue


New Member
May 19, 2015
Hi all,
I'm new to forum. I have had the dreaded battery not charging issue for awhile, unfortunately my warranty expired Feb.26 this year. I was advised by local computer shop to consider warranty extension, apparently 3 years would be $600 but after what we paid for these high dollar gaming computers, its not so bad to think it might keep me floating ( not going to afford new alienware)they claim it will cover pretty much everything and onsite fixing.
Has anyone done this ( extended) and if so, what experiences? I live in Wisconsin not sure it matters.
Also i have tried online fixes for the battery issue, even bought new adapter and new battery still same issue (not charging)... and the local computer fixit place seems to think its likely caused by motherboard or the ac adapter plug hole needs replacing, this would be around 175$ but that is assuming that is all that is wrong with it...
I'm open to ideas and suggestions :)