External Monitor: Washed out colours ... Also, monitor not showing in "device manager"


Apr 29, 2015
I have an Acer S273HL monitor. It used to work wonderfully with my old laptop.

My new Alienware R2's own display also works perfectly. No issues there.

However, when I attach my new laptop to the S273HL monitor via HDMI cable, the colours look very washed out. Black is only grey, for example. When having both monitors on parallely, I can clearly see the difference: The laptop's own monitor clearly shows black as black, while the Asus shows it as grey. I have played with the Acer' own settings, but to no avail: The washed out colour scheme remains.

My guess is that it is a driver issue (or that the HDMI port is not yet enabled on my laptop). I did even go to acer.com and downloaded the driver for this monitor. However, when I access the device manager, this monitor is not even showing! All I see is Generic PnP under the monitor section, i.e. the laptop's internal monitor.


Am running W7 64.

Thanks for any hint or advice!
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