Favorite Type of Candy?


Feb 4, 2012
What is your favorite type of candy?

This does not have to be a well known type of candy and it could also be something that is only produced in your part of the world.

Mine are Twix, Snickers and Cadbury Creme Eggs. Honorable mention is M&M's mixed with popcorn.
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Mixed with popcorn.... um, interesting. I can honestly say I've never tried that.
But I kriffing LOVE Cadbury Eggs!
I think my favourite kind of candy is the Cadbury Double-decker Chocolate bar (white chocolate on top; milk chocolate on bottom). Haven't been able to find any of those in America, but in Botswana and the UK they were simply amazing!
Followed by Cadbury Eggs, Twix and I guess Kit-kat.
Yeah in a movie theater or watching movies at home. You pop a few M&M's in your mouth and then shovel the pop corn in and ..... it is very delicious.

As I said: interesting.... I may have to try this...

I'm a type 1 diabetic, and I hate you all for eating candy when I cant :mad: , LOL Jk, I'm Diabetic, but I have my 3 Musketeers from time to time... Don't tell "she who must be obeyed"

I feel for you, mate. My Mum's diabetic, and she says it's miserable!
I don't recall ever having that kind, but it sounds amazing! Plz send me one!!! Shipping can only cost, what, 15-20 pounds (damn this American keyboard!)?
Just kidding, hahaha! Although now I miss the UK that much more....

I can buy a chocolate for you when I visit the UK ^^ I'm also gonna be in france! ;D I have to talk russian in france because french hate americans -__-