few niggles m11x r3 issues


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Dec 28, 2012
hello one and all im quite new to the gaming laptop scene, built previous rigs in the past for desktops but took the plunge and bought myself a m11x r3 on ebay from a reputable seller, I have however had a few issues and im quite paranoid about them

main issue is the wifi it says online on dell that its fitted with a bigfoot killer wireless 1103 card but the driver installed is a realtek wireless wlan 8188ce and ive checked the card there is no indication of a bigfoot card with this in mind it will connect to a network but about 10 minutes in it will disconnect and not be able to find any networks it intermittingly works so ive had to resort to a usb wifi reader.

im a little paranoid about the gt540m I play eve online and even though ive whitelisted it on the nvidia control panel it still only shows the intel card whereas when I run gpu id I can clearly see its being used.

the guy who I bought this off has said he hasnt put a bios pass on here but it seems there is one, he may have forgotten but is there a default one for the m11x r3?

last but not least on cpu id I just wanted to confirm it will only show 2 cores and 4 threads therefore it only shows 2 physical cores being used.

If anyone could help me with these issues id be so grateful ive been tearing my hair out apart from this its a absolutely gorgeous laptop in pristine condition!