Filling triple screens when watching movies ? having some problems


Jun 22, 2013
Ok guys, I have sorted out my triple screening issues. So first thing I did was to load a movie (just to test it, I don't have any games yet).

To my disappointment the movie does not fill the entire screen. Can someone tell me software I can get or settings I can change to make it actually fill the screen. Looked a vlc player and put I have 3 terminals but still did not do it.


Feb 26, 2012
honestly you dont want to watch a movie on triple wide because your gonna have to sit some distance away from the screens. i was a bit upset for a short but came to terms. the games are more worth the time spent to get the screens to work. but ive tried verious media players and nothing. it would just be way to much to try to watch a movie on triple screen.
So... what's your configuration? I'm imagining 3 1080 res monitors side by side horizontally, running it in "eyefinity" config means your res would actually be 5760x1080, meaning Tom Cruises face would look like spaghetti if oou wanted to watch a movie across all 3 screens.
Or, you have 3 monitors set up, each identified individually by the computer, meaning you can drag the window and dedicate 1 monitor to a task.
help me out XP