Finally a owner!


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Jul 15, 2014
So ive finally bit the bullet and bought myself the Alienware 17 with the upgraded screen. After a bumpy start with installing drivers that wasnt needed and getting confused with the split graphics button i can say i am impressed.

The only thing i could say is i regret not going for the 16GB of Ram as alot of the time its running at 45% usage. Can anyone suggest a website for the replacement RAM? Also will it be easy enough to replace? Just clip the back off sort of job?


Jun 7, 2014
i find 16gb is totally okay for everything, i use windows 7 - i attribute the super fast speed running multiple apps to the ssd's as much as the RAM. My wife uses a similar set-up but with windows 8.1 & only x1 ssd & i find mine runs a bit qiueter with no issue - you can hear the fans a bit more on hers and the speed "seems" slightly slower - i haven't measured this - this is down to perception.