Financing hell and the wait

Doing math hurts my brain. I could never afford this laptop if I had to pay for it all up front so I went with the financing option. 12 months no interest, plus the cost of selling the old laptop so I can pay a big chunk of it up front. What do you think? Math hurts.

Other than the financing, I'm hoping to keep this laptop for a long long time. It seems every year I end up buying a refurbished or on sale computer. This is going to be a completely NEW computer, and its going to be my first non-budget laptop. So crossing my fingers the money will be there each month to make my payments.

Anyone else went with the financing option for theirs? I went with the cheapest model so I could pay it off more quickly, but eventually I want to upgrade the HD to an SSD and upgrade the memory. One step at a time. X)
Which AW are you planning on purchasing?
From my experience with the 14" form factor, it was not going to last for years because of it's hardware. I should have bought the M17x at least, then at least I could have upgraded more than I did my M14x. But that ship has sailed.
The problem with getting the lowest models are that they don't usually come with the premium GPU or CPU's. Upgrading both of those but leaving the RAM, HDD/SSD on the lowest is usually the way to go as you can buy both and install them yourself at half, if not less than half of the cost Dell will charge you.

I personally wouldn't go with the finance plan as I'd end up paying more that I would if I'd just couched up the XXXX amount. If I were a student using OSAP then I'd consider it, but only if I knew that I'd have money somewhere. As I've learned too many times with computers is that they don't hold their value as well as you may hope, sometimes you get lucky but often you end up only getting back 60% at best IF you sell it within the first year and it's upgraded in some way.

Sorry if this sounds like a bubble burster XP
As you said, the 'ship has sailed' I already made the order before joining this forum. I can't just cough up the money all at once, which is why I chose to finance. I'll be fine, I've already did all the math I need in order to pay as little interest as possible on the repayment.

Hm, I don't know if I can cancel at this point to change the graphics. :/ Well, I'm still happy, its better 1000 times than my current computer. X)
Iv done the finance option before. You got 12mths interest free. So as long as you pay it off before then, you will be all good.

Generally there will be something like $5 admin fee a month. Small price to pay considering you arent forking out the cash up front.

You'll be pleased with it however you go about paying for it, if your current computer is a slow as you say then get ready to experience mach speed.
It's not to that you can't upgrade it later, through Alienware for the right price they'll put in whatever GPU and/or CPU you want. If it's M17 and up you could probably do it yourself although doing research and asking around forums like this is the best way to prepare before doing so.


Aug 7, 2013
Austin, TX
The financing is not a bad option if you can try to get it paid off within in that 12 months. If you do not get it paid off then all back interest for that 1st year will be added (minus actual payments) then your APR kicks in monthly. If you can't get it paid off in the first year so that your owe less. Do not pay the min .. I think I calculated out the payments and estimated interest at 19.99% I think the min they offer with good credit and it would have taken me 4 years paying min payments on time to pay off the computer. Here is an CC calculator chart it in USD I am sure there are CA equivalents out there but you can get the general jist of what you would pay back paying the minimum.

If i were you I would do my best to pay it off during the first year or as much as you can ... :)



Mar 23, 2012
I just did the financing on late Sunday, was instantly approved. The Aurora R4 was approved and in production the next day "Monday." Shipped Wed and should be here tomorrow.
Benefits to financing
Free 2nd day delivery.
10% rebate for financing.
Dell advantage member an additional 5% rebate
Company discount an additional 5% discount.
So 15% in rebates
5% discount.
zero down and no interest for 12 months.


Aug 7, 2013
Austin, TX
Financing is a viable option but before anyone does it try to map out a repayment plan. As drmark said there are a lot of perks BUT they initially look good but unfortunately will end up as a bigger bill for those who do not pay off within the first year or pay out the computer making minimum payments. My humble advice is that if you go the financing route try your best to get it paid off within the first year (interest free time period) or if that is not an option pay more than the minimum when you make your payments. Make the credit work for you and not vice versa :)

My nephew is going to finance a rig through Dell and I tell him the same thing :)